Does the insurance company have to find me a job?

When you are out on disability and your doctor says you have reached maximum medical improvement, or simply says it is time to try to work, it is time to find a lawyer as soon as possible. The reason, because the insurance company has to either bring you back to work with your time of injury employer with whatever restrictions you have, find you another job with a different employer, or do a labor market survey/also known as an earning power assessment.

The employer is not obligated to return you to work (subject to ADA requirements). Most likely the insurance company will do an earning power assessment and try to convince a Judge that you have an earning capacity even with your ongoing disability.
So the answer is a resounding No! The insurance company does not have to actually find you a job.  The issues surrounding what you have to do to defend/deal with this stage of your case is too much for this this blog. Simply schedule an appointment to discuss in person. No fee is charged and you do not have to sign a fee agreement unless you want to. But you should know how to react quickly once your case is at this stage, even if you and your adjuster/caseworker have/had a good relationship, his/her job is also on the line if they do not take some action to reduce or stop your benefits.