Pitfalls to avoid in settling your workers’ compensation case.

There are many potential pitfalls that one can encounter in settling their workers’ compensation case.  Probably the most significant one would be to make sure that you protect your future rights to receive the maximum amount of Social Security Disability should the need for Social Security Disability arise. We all have to remember that the day you leave the hearing approving your workers’ compensation settlement you could be hit by a car, struck by lightning or whatever and you will have to apply for Social Security Disability, and there can be a huge impact on your right to receive Social Security Disability for many years into the future if you do not incorporate the correct language into the settlement documents of your workers’ compensation case. Also, you have to make sure that you protect your future right to receive payment of your medical bills if you kept your medical bills open and/or make sure that you have correctly dealt with the past due medical bills in your case. There is a significant time lag between receiving the medical service and being billed for the same, and often times that is lost in the settlement of the case unless you are aware of it.

We will be more than happy to talk to you and discuss your situation and if you feel comfortable with us then we can undertake to represent you whether you are at the settlement table, or whether your case is just beginning. We are always here for the injured worker, please give us a call.