Warehouse Injuries

Today’s working landscape is changing. Logistical supply is growing faster in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, than any other business. The diversity of physical and mental requirements and demands workers are expected to deal with are also changing. Lifting, bending, climbing, twisting, coupled with assembly line type of stresses all contribute to injuries which supply/warehouse workers can experience. Having to climb/access multi-story delivery lines is dangerous. Body mechanics are stressed in unusual positions.

Injuries can be directly caused (i.e. lifting a package weighing over 100 lbs.), or the result of repetitive actions (reaching out to move product on the line hundreds of times a day). Other injuries can result from twisting your body in an unusual way to prevent yourself from falling or avoiding being hit by a pallet jack, etc…

It is important for you to report an injury as soon as you believe you have one rather than just hoping it gets better. Many of these injuries are strains/sprains superimposed over some pre-existing condition you may have. If you aggravate of of these conditions you may not feel the true nature of it for 2-3 days…like when you work out you really feel the impact of it 2-3 days later. Problem is that if you wait several days after your injury often employers don’t believe you and the insurance companies will have an even harder time, so your claim is more likely to be denied. If you believe this happened to you, or someone you know or care about, give our office a call. There is no fee to discuss your case and you will at least know what your rights are.