Workers’ Comp, The Basics Pt. 2

In our last blog we outlined the core principles of the workers’ compensation system. This time we will get into a little bit more detail. As discussed previously if you are injured at work you may be entitled to the Workers’ Compensation benefits of lost wages, and covered medical care. So, how does an injured nurse, warehouse worker, driver, or employee in another profession make sure that they get the benefits they are entitled to?

The first step is reporting your injury. If you hurt yourself at work in one of the many new warehouses, or other places of employment in the Lehigh Valley you should report your injury to a supervisor immediately. If your injury requires immediate medical attention you should go to the Emergency Room.

Not all injuries are immediately apparent, and often conscientious employees will attempt to work through an injury that seems relatively minor at first. If you don’t immediately report your injury that is alright. You have 120 days from the day you are injured to report your injury. However, you should report your injury as soon as you realize that you are suffering from more than the normal aches and pains, especially when you have missed work.

Once you report your injury, your employer has a duty to provide you with a written list of treating physicians that you may go to for your work injury for the first 90 days of your medical care. If your employer doesn’t provide you with a list of medical providers you may treat for your injury with a provider of your choice. You may also start going to a Doctor of your choice after 90 days have passed since reporting your injury.

It is important that you get good medical care as quickly as possible to increase your chances of fully recovering from any injury. If you are unsure of your next step, are having difficulty getting the appropriate medical care, or just have a question it is a good idea to contact an Attorney specializing in Workers’ Compensation like those in our office for a free consultation.